Finasteride 1mg – The Marvelous Hair Loss Treatment Drug

If you think you are losing your hair and that in fact you are losing your hair and are at the point where you are slowly becoming bald?  Perhaps you would like to identify for yourself as to why this is happening to you.  If you do not have any medical conditions that will make you go bald, or are not undergoing any type of cancer treatment like chemotherapy?  Maybe you may want to look around you first because there may be a distinct possibility that the answer to your question has been staring at you in the face all this time.

If you are male and in the ages between twenties or older, or that your dad and your older brother also happen to manifest some pattern-like baldness that have been a result of their own hair loss issues, then the reason for your hair fall issue may just happen to be male pattern baldness.  Male pattern baldness is often called as such due to the pattern-like direction where the hair loss starts and concludes for most men.  Androgenic alopecia, as the condition is scientifically called, is a genetic hair loss trait the only occurs to men who have inherited the genetic trait.

There have been no real types of acceptable treatment for male pattern baldness in the past, not until finasteride 1mg came along.  When finasteride 1mg was introduced, it sent a wave of gasp and elated approval by men who seemed to be having trouble accepting their hair loss condition.  By using finasteride 1mg, they will be able to stop and resolve the issue of their hair loss.  The marvelous treatment property of finasteride 1mg over male pattern baldness is quite admirable when you put into context that this hair loss treatment finasteride 1mg was only an accidental discovery.  In fact, the treatment effect you can get from finasteride 1mg use is only a side effect for the drug’s intended treatment.  Nevertheless, the discovery and presence of finasteride 1mg is able to help men get over their physical issues.

Being really bald from a hair loss condition is very different from simply sporting a bald look or image.  This is because for the latter, they will be able to grow their hair should they decide that they are no longer into fashioning a bald look.  For those who have become completely bald from male pattern baldness however, they can only wear toupees or hats to cover their shiny bald head.

Through the availability of finasteride 1mg though, those who are currently suffering from hair loss, those who are not yet losing any hair but the thinning of their hair follicles have already manifested, or those that have their hairs receded quite a bit already, the use of finasteride 1mg can help solve their problem with their balding issue.

By using finasteride 1mg, the progression of the male pattern baldness condition will halt and significant hair fall will stop.  In using finasteride 1mg, the thinned hair follicles will be able to improve and follicles that are not yet dead will recover and eventually spring out new hair strands.  Of course, even with the high effectiveness of finasteride 1mg in treating male pattern baldness, finasteride 1mg will not be able to revive the died out hair follicles.  Even so, the fact that finasteride 1mg can help save those with the genetic code of hair loss from growing completely bald, then it can be considered as consolation enough when compared to becoming completely bald.