Important Things to Know about Sildenafil Generic

Most men who are have or have not yet experienced impotence will surely be aware of the existence of sildenafil generic, thanks to the wide reach of marketing ads on TV and online.  Impotence, or otherwise called erectile dysfunction, refers to the inability of a man to obtain and/or maintain a penile erection that is long enough to be able to perform a satisfactory sexual engagement.  There are actually many causes, ranging from psychological, emotional or physical causes, and there are cases that the cause of one’s erectile dysfunction is a mixture of these factors.  Thankfully, there is something that can help solve this problem, and that is with the help of an oral medication called sildenafil generic.

The action of sildenafil generic is to prevent or inhibit the activity of a chemical within the male body called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5); thus, sildenafil generic is classified as a PDE5 inhibitor.  Sildenafil generic helps in relaxing, thereby widening, the blood vessels which in turn improves the blood flow within these blood vessels.  When it comes to erectile dysfunction, sildenafil generic improves the blood flow throughout the penile shaft right after sexual stimulation has been done, and it helps a man to maintain his erection.

While sildenafil generic is mainly available via a doctor’s prescription, it can also be available via the Internet (make sure that you have already checked with your doctor first before buying sildenafil generic for the first time). Never take sildenafil generic if you have not experienced any signs or symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Prior to taking sildenafil generic, you need to know some important things about this particular wonder drug.  As you know, there are some drugs that are not actually suitable for some people with specific conditions or past medical histories, and there are times that a particular drug can only be used if caution is taken and close monitoring is done by the doctor. For such reasons, before you begin taking sildenafil generic and incorporating it into your daily routine, it is very important that your pharmacist or doctor knows:

  • If you may have any injury, deformity or disease involving your penis
  • If you have a heart disease or prior history of heart attack or stroke
  • If you have kidney or liver issues.
  • If you have had any allergic reactions to sildenafil generic or any other drug

Before you are going to take sildenafil generic, make sure that you have fully read and understood the printed pamphlet that comes with the drug.  This will inform you better regarding the sildenafil generic tablets, and it also lists the side effects that you may experience.

You must take sildenafil generic exactly as your doctor has advised you to do so.  Take only 1 tablet of sildenafil generic just 1 hour before you are going to have sexual intercourse.  You can swallow the sildenafil generic tablet before or after a meal; however, if your meal is too big, then the effect of sildenafil generic will take a bit longer before it works.  Make sure that you only take 1 sildenafil generic tablet within 24 hours and nothing more.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist in case you have other questions about sildenafil generic.