Say No to Arthritis: Say Yes to Prednisone Generic

Arthritis is a kind of disease that leads to more serious illness and conditions. Arthritis is incorporated to result because of aging, where most joints degenerate already due to the wear and tear of life. Arthritis may also be said to be resulted from a number of factors like mechanical stress on the joint, inflammation, and genetics. Arthritis typically involves pain and inflammation in the joints which could lead to physical deformities and weakness of joints. Arthritis could intervene to the basic daily activities like walking, writing, or even taking of daily meals.

To treat and minimize the pain experienced due to arthritis, doctors prescribed medication through a drug known as cortisone or Prednisone generic drug. Prednisone Generic is a compound drug produced naturally by the adrenal glands of the body, Prednisone generic drug can be used to treat inflammatory condition. It is a strong anti-inflammatory agent.

Prednisone Generic drug produces many benefits, however, it said to have also some side effects. A short dose of Prednisone generic drug helps the patients to lower fever, alleviate joint pain, and decrease inflammation around lesions, bruises and cuts. However, the prolong use of this drugs results some side effects. Side effects of Prednisone Generic drug include thinning of the hair, decreased appetite, weight gain, accumulation of fluid, deposition of fat usually called a “buffalo hump”, stripes aloe of the areas of the body called as “striae” that is purple in color, and bruises, For some of the patients who frequently using Prednisone Generic drug, they have high risk of Osteoporoses wherein the bones in the body losses and actually having the bones break. It is important to follow doctors’ prescribed dosage instructions carefully when taking Prednisone Generic drug. It is prescribed to be taken once daily after taken every morning. If the doctor recommended multiple dosages, it should be throughout the day. Prednisone Generic medication should be continued in accordance with doctors prescribed length of time.

Prednisone Generic drug is usually tapered slowly for a period of several days to help prevent side effects. There are many side effects reported with Prednisone Generic Drug. Most common side effects with Prednisone Generic drug may include dizziness, headache, trouble sleeping, mood swings, and slower healing of cuts. Prednisone Generic drug can also increase fluid retention and blood pressure. When Prednisone Generic drug is given in higher dosage, it can lead to blurry vision and sometimes cataracts. Prednisone Generic drug can also make the skin thin, causing bruises, and cuts that took several days before healing.

More serious side effects of Prednisone Generic drug may include vision problems, signs of infection, severe mood problems, and growth delay. Patients with concerns about the use of Prednisone Generic Drug should consult with their healthcare provider or their physicians for proper advice.

Even though Prednisone Generic drug has several side effects, some doctors still prescribed and recommended it because they believe that the benefits it gave is greater than any side effects incorporated to it. However, it is still safe to consult the doctor before deciding to take the drug.